Archival Film Loans


George Eastman House loans its archival prints on a "first come, first served" basis to qualified non-profit organizations, selected by their compliance with Museum standards. As a member of the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF), George Eastman House adheres to archival film handling and projection policies. The Museum keeps a Registry of Accredited Screening Venues with a list of non-FIAF organizations that comply with archival procedures for film exhibition.

  • Individuals, commercial entities and touring exhibitions are not eligible for loans;
  • Unpreserved films and prints subject to restrictions to access are not available for loan;
  • Unless otherwise specified, video copies of George Eastman House prints are not available for loan, nor are they made for individual use.

What's Available?

ID Title Director Year Gauge

Film Loan Procedure

Step 1. Check Print Availability

Contact Daniel Bish, Film Loan Coordinator via email with a list of desired film titles and screening dates. GEH will notify you of the availability of projection print(s) or digital media. If you wish to book the print(s), you may do so by placing a formal request as outlined below.

Please note: For the use of projection prints, borrowers are required to complete a Screening Facility Report; loan approval is contingent on the evaluation of this Report.

Step 2. Book Print(s) with Film Loan Coordinator

Mail a letter of loan request (hard copy on letterhead) to the attention of Film Loan Coordinator, Daniel Bish at least (6) weeks prior to desired screening date. Bookings received less than (6) weeks prior to the screening date may be subject to a rush fee or rejection. The letter must clearly state the following: 1) the name and address of the borrowing institution, 2) film titles, 3) screening dates, 4) and your contact info, clearly identifying the name of the borrowing institution. Film Loan Coordinator will issue a Booking Confirmation and Loan Agreement once the loan request is accepted.

Step 3. Implementation of the Loan

Please review the Agreement carefully, as it is your responsibility to fully understand its terms and restrictions with respect to the care and use of GEH prints. The Booking Confirmation will specify a deadline by which you, the borrowing institution, must provide Film Loan Coordinator with the following items:

  • A signed Loan Agreement
  • Evidence of copyright permission for all screening(s), as specified in Section 5 of Loan Agreement
  • Certificate of property insurance, evidencing sufficient coverage as indicated in Section 3 of Loan Agreement
  • Payment of Handling Fee in full

Handling Fees per print are as follows:

Gauge Length Fee (1 Screening)Fee (2 Screenings)Fee (3 Screenings)
35mm Feature (30 minutes or more) $600$850$1,050
16mm Feature $400$625$825
35mm Short (29 minutes or less) $175$275$350
16mm Short $175$275$350

Important rules we cannot stress enough:

  • Print(s) may not be projected on platter systems or wound on reels larger than 2,000 feet.
  • No cut whatsoever may be made on motion picture print(s) from George Eastman House.
  • Any cuts or injury to print(s) will necessitate full print replacement at Borrower's cost.
  • Print(s) must be shipped back to GEH on the first business day immediately following the screening.
  • Payment by wire transfer will incur an additional $50 fee to cover bank surcharges.
  • Credit card payments will incur an additional 4% bank fee.
  • Borrower pays all shipping costs, round trip, and all shipments must be made by FedEx.

Contact information

  • Questions about booking and procedure may be directed to the Coordinator, Daniel Bish (
  • Questions about shipping may be directed to Film Technician, Tim Wagner (

Please Note: Under no circumstances can GEH release requested print(s) in a timely fashion unless all of the above conditions are met by the deadline specified on the Booking Confirmation.

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