Media Release Requests

Information and Fees

Preserved motion picture material may be available for Media Release requests. Unpreserved motion picture material can be made available if the user chooses to pay for preservation, in which case the access fee will be waived. Film-to-tape transfer fees and copyright clearance still apply. Requests may take 3 to 4 weeks to process. VHS time-coded preview tapes may be made available upon request and at the user’s expense. Users are required to sign our Media Release Agreement before material can be accessed. All fees are payable in advance.

Requests for inclusion of motion picture elements in standing exhibitions or installations may be considered on a case-by-case basis (contact: Access fees are adjusted accordingly.

To Make Requests for Media Release:

Please fill out our Media Release Request Form or send a written request to or fax (585) 271-3970 and include:

The exact original title of the film and year of release. The name and purpose of the project, and the date by which the material is required. Technical information to ensure that the transfer is made correctly (tape format, drop-down, time code etc.)

Fees & Shipping:

Fees vary by the amount of material to be transferred.

Reels are sent in their complete form for film-to-tape transfer; we do not spot select or copy individual scenes or frames.

Usage fees are $60.00 per second for public broadcast; all markets and all formats for the life of the program.

User is responsible for all shipping costs (FedEx only), including return of materials.

Integrity Clause:

Footage provided by the Museum may not be manipulated, copied or otherwise altered without the written consent of George Eastman House.

Copyright & Credit:

“George Eastman House” must be credited as the source of the material.

Proof of clearance for any copyrighted material must be provided by the user to George Eastman House prior to access.

Please Note:

We do not make videos for sales, rental or personal use. All tapes and unused material must be returned to George Eastman House. No unauthorized duplication is permitted of tapes and materials provided by George Eastman House.

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