George Eastman House Annual Report 2009

Conservation & Preservation

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Conservation and Restoration

Clockwise from top left: A museum visitor views the restored Hesler Ayres glass interpositive of Abraham Lincoln on display at the Museum in early 2009. At top right, Mellon advanced residency Fellow Kate Whitman seals the preservation package for the glass plate (detail top center). Preservation projects such as this one help establish new treatments in the field of photograph conservation.

A frame enlargement from a film Kodacolor Two-Color Test Shots No. III preserved by 2009 Haghefilm fellow Sabrina Negri. It is one of more than three dozen film preservations completed by the Museum in 2009.

A frame enlargement from the George Eastman House restoration of William Desmond Taylor’s 1920 Huckleberry Finn completed in 2009. Considered lost for many years, the first feature-length adaptation of Mark Twain’s classic novel was reconstructed from a print with Danish intertitles, which have been meticulously translated and re-created in English by Eastman House’s film preservation team. The Museum’s conservation and preservation experts completed work on more than 150 artifacts in 2009.

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