George Eastman House Annual Report 2011

Conservation & Preservation


During an April 2011 tour, senior project conservator Ralph Wiegandt uses a video display on a compound microscope in the Museum's Kay R. Whitmore Conservation Center to show young visitors from Wilson Commencement Park a long-dead insect trapped under the cover glass of a daguerreotype.

Taina Meller, conservator in charge of the Museum's Kay R. Whitmore Conservation Center, explains conservation concerns for NASTASSJA KINSKI AND THE SERPENT, a gelatin silver print by Richard Avedon, to Museum staff and trustees.

Senior Project Conservator Ralph Wiegandt compensates for loss of the image area on a 19th-century carbon print of the Roman Forum.

A detail of a frame enlargement from Gown of Destiny (Lynn Reynolds, US 1917), which was restored by the Museum's Motion Picture Department in 2011 with support from The Louis B. Mayer Foundation.

A College Chicken (Essanay Film Manufacturing Company, US 1910) was preserved by Selznick School graduate and Haghefilm Fellow Karin Carlson. Funded by the Haghefilm Foundation.

The National Film Preservation Foundation supported the Eastman House restoration of Tropical Nights (Robert C. Bruce, US 1920).