George Eastman House Annual Report 2011



A magnified imperfection in the Southworth & Hawes daguerreotype of an unidentified woman (inset) was brought to light by the portfolio From Near to Eternity by John Pfahl. The portfolio was created to raise awareness of the work of the museum's Kay R. Whitmore Conservation Center. Proceeds from sales of the portfolio are directed to the endowment for the department of photograph conservation.

Actor Richard Gere tours the museum’s motion picture vaults with Senior Curator of Motion Pictures Paolo Cherchi Usai in advance of the February 16 ceremony at which Gere was presented with the George Eastman Award for distinguished service to the art of film.

A photo array in the museum’s Films & Events of a few of the 300 attendees of the Celebrating Light and Motion gala held in New York City on November 26, 2012. The event supported programs and collections at Eastman House and was well received by New York’s photography and motion picture community.

Left to right: Photographers and Eastman House trustees Jeff Dunas and Howard Bingham and photographer John Isaac attend An Evening in Technicolor®, a tribute gala for exiting director Dr. Tony Bannon on May 12.

The Eastman House Council sponsored a day with author, photographer, painter, and garden designer Elizabeth Murray on April 16, 2012. The event raised funds for the Palm House renovation project.