George Eastman House Annual Report 2011



16mm Professional Camera Model 05. Manufactured by J.A. Mauer, New York, New York. Gift of Marion Faller. Camera was owned and used by Hollis Frampton.

Sam Sweezy donated a ca. 2010 print of View down Palm tree-lined boulevard, Baghdad architectural model, ca. 1980, to the photographs collection in 2012. ©Sam Sweezy.

The book Eduard et Voulangis: The Early Modernist Period 1915–1923 (Howard Greenberg Gallery & Lumiere Press, 2011) was donated to the Richard and Ronay Menschel Library collection by Carole and Howard Tanenbaum in 2012.

This lighthouse model by an unidentified maker decorated with seashells and a daguerreotype was purchased for the photographs collection with funds from Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation. The lighthouse is dated c. 1925 with the daguerreotype estimated ca. 1855.

This 3D lenticular print produced by Eastman Kodak Company of a promotional still for the film Babe: Pig in the City, ca. 1995, was part of a 2012 gift from Peter J. Sucy to the George Eastman Legacy Collection.

This stereoscopic slide of director Nicholas Ray, October 1953, was taken by Joan Crawford on location in Sedona, Arizona, during the filming of Johnny Guitar (Nicholas Ray, US 1954). It was donated in 2012 by Crawford’s grandson Casey LaLonde.

This Andrew Buurman photograph from the portfolio Allotments, 2009, was purchased for the collections with funds from Charina Foundation in 2012. ©Andrew Buurman.

Fishnet by Daido Moriyama, Volume 4 of Six by Six, Set 3, No. 99/100 (Portland: Nazraeli Press, 2012) was purchased for the Richard and Ronay Menschel Library Collection in 2012.

Mao Tsetung: A Selection of Photographs (The People’s Fine Arts Publishing House Foreign Language Press, 1978), a book by photographers Xu Xiaobing and Huo Bo, was donated to the Richard and Ronay Menschel Library Collection by Elaine Goldman in 2012.

These limited-edition photographs (1971) of the Apollo 15 lunar landing are part of a donation of Eastman Kodak Company marketing materials to the George Eastman Legacy Collection made by Lou and Judy Singer in 2012.

The born-digital motion picture Lossless (Rebecca Baron and Douglas Goodwin, US 2008) was donated to the museum in 2012 by the filmmakers.

Shepherds with Goat, Crete, Greece, 1962–63, from the series A Greek Portfolio by Constantine Manos was a gift of the photographer in honor of Alison Devine Nordström, Curator of Photographs, in 2012. ©Constantine Manos