Eastman House presents Photographs by Andy Lock,

For Release 2009-01-20

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — George Eastman House presents this winter the work of British artist Andy Lock, which offers a contemporary take on Pictorialism with compelling and dynamic images of seemingly everyday subjects. Photographs by Andy Lock, on view Jan. 24 through April 26, features 12 large-format images. This companion show to the Eastman House exhibition TruthBeauty: Pictorialism and the Photograph as Art demonstrates the current relevance of Pictorialism.

Featured are images from Lock’s 2003 “Orchard Park” series, a photographic exploration of the psychological legacies of previously inhabited spaces, taking as its subject dispossessed domestic interiors and the artifacts left behind by past occupants — chairs, a bed, crumpled paper, an empty corner.

The “Orchard Park” images appear ethereal and dreamlike, even painterly. They depict scenes at one step removed from reality and are oddly suggestive of antiquarian traditions in “fine art” photography.

Lock uses a unique photographic process to communicate notions of memories and loss within formerly occupied spaces, echoes of domestic decoration and the skeletal forms and husks of abandoned furniture. The photographic process used in producing “Orchard Park” creates crude, unfixed images, that appear green in color.

“The color you see in the exhibition prints is film’s way of registering the color of the phosphorescent paint that I was using when I began projecting and re-photographing the images,” Lock explained. “It’s a fundamental and at the same time wholly coincidental element in the work.”

The “Orchard Park” series was featured in a 2006 book by the same title, featuring an essay by Dr. Alison Nordström, Eastman House curator of photographs.

Andy Lock at Eastman House

Lock will visit Eastman House at 6 p.m. Thursday, April 16, as part of the museum’s “Wish You Were Here” spring lecture series. In his lecture “Orchard Park: Utopia’s Ghost,” Lock will discuss the origination of the “Orchard Park” photographs, on view at Eastman House, and the unconventional processes used to create the work. The Dryden Theatre lecture is included with museum admission.

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